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Best Culinary classes in Singapore

My Organic Spoon

A Culinary school in Singapore, born out of love and passion for healthy food that is delicious.

Food that brings in diversity & wellness.

Bringing back the goodness of traditional way of cooking & baking in a modern lifestyle. 

Join us for a fun filled learning in our cooking and Sourdough baking workshops.


Our offerings

Sourdough  baking Courses

Learn the basics right!

Bake artisan Boule, Batard, Focaccia, Baguette, Ciabatta, Pizza! and Our Soft Vegan & Vegetarian Fluffy-Puffy  sandwich bread, "Melt in mouth" Cinnamon rolls in this workshop Series.

*Available in Online and In-Person mode.

Gluten free Sourdough baking Courses

On a Gluten Free Diet? No worries. Our Gluten free Sourdough breads are the most delicious and nutritious. And we are happy to share our specially curated recipes and knowledge in the Gluten free Sourdough Course.

* Available in Online and In-person mode.

Cooking Classes

Coming soon with our Cooking classes where we will share the recipes that have been our Chef's favourite. 

We believe in traditional ways of cooking and that is what we share.....healthy food that is simple to cook.

Team building, Private classes & Collaborations

What could be a better platform for a team to bond than over food.

Connect with us to organise cooking and baking workshops for your team building or family bonding events.

Also, If you would like to collaborate for an event.


About our founder


Kavita found her Ikigai in teaching Sourdough baking; sharing her knowledge & culinary skills; to spread her love for naturally fermented breads and home cooked food.

She studied Finance and worked in corporate sector for a good number of years before she realised her passion.

She always enjoyed her time in the kitchen and loves to create new dishes by experimenting with ingredients.

Her Gluten free Sourdough and Fluffy-Puffy Soft Sourdough is a result of many such experiments. Read more about her journey...

A glimpse into the action....

With the Fruits (breads) of our labour
Enjoying the break
Learning in process
Teaching online or In-person, Both require dedication
Online or In-Person, watching closely is important
Learning is Fun, Gluten free course
Busy shaping the dough
Gluten Free Pizza, He was amazed that it tastes better than one from a Pizzeria
Happy faces
Intense Learning


Gwenda has attended each one of our Sourdough workshops, some online during lockdown & some In-person after we got back with workshops in the Studio. She has developed keen interest in Sourdough baking while she had never baked earlier.

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