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My Organic Spoon was founded with an aim to create awareness about how different ingredients and food preparation methods can work together to support the goal of better health.

Kavita's love for food and her time in kitchen; to consistently create delectable food for family and her interest in health, nutrition & wellness took her on a journey of exploring, experimenting and finally discovering her IKIGAI.

An exciting journey of being a finance professional to a homemaker, baker and now a Culinary coach. Sharing her knowledge & expertise, to spread love for home baking & cooking.

Her interest & specialisation in long fermented Sourdough comes from strong belief that traditional and natural methods of cooking & baking have a way of connecting us with mother nature.

Completely her brainchild, her Gluten free Sourdough recipes were born out of personal health requirement & curiosity; hence very close to her heart. Kavita wishes to compile these in a book someday :-) ​


These Gluten free Sourdough recipes are a boon to anyone who has gluten allergy, celiac or intolerance to gluten but loves to eat bread. Also to those who are conscious about diversity required in our nutrition and looking for an in-depth learning about how each ingredient impacts our bread and finally our wellness.

Her Fluffy-puffy soft Sourdough has taken inspiration from many bakers and popular Hokkaido & Kopitiam bread that usually contains eggs and also commercial yeast. In spite of being a non-vegetarian, she doesn’t prefer to use eggs in her bread baking. This pushed her to work towards creating something which is naturally fermented and is as soft as can be. Her Fluffy-puffy soft sourdough is the Vegan & Vegetarian ingress to famous Asian soft breads.

She considers this to be a God’s gift that she has the art of creating something flavourful with whatever ingredients available. She plans to share her extensive cooking knowledge with you once we start our cooking classes and also the blog.

"Nourish yourself with love, so you can nourish others with good food."

Kavita Sinha

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