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Data protection & Privacy policy

We respect your choices and conduct our business in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012.

Your information is only collected by us to process registrations and to improve our services and the way we communicate with you.

How is personal data collected:

My Organic Spoon may collect your personal information when you:

  • Join our classes/courses

  • Contact us with a product or service enquiry

  • Subscribe to our e-newsletters

  • Participate in our contests, surveys and/or other promotional activities

  • Visit our website/Login to our website as a member


Types of personal data collected:

The information My Organic Spoon collects depends on the type of products and services you purchase and use.

In most cases we will only collect:

  • Personal Particulars – This may include name, address, handphone number and email address

  • Information on your purchase and use of our services – for example, your booking/purchase history


Use of personal data

My Organic Spoon may use your information for the following:

  • Process your online orders

  • Respond to enquiries and requests from you or people you have authorised

  • Inform you about products and services updates

  • Conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys

  • Provide updates, offers, invitations to events and deliver advertising messages via email or your mailing address with your prior consent or if otherwise permitted under local laws and regulations


Transfer of personal data

My Organic Spoon may share your information with:

  • Industry regulators and other government organisations, as required by local laws and regulations

  • Financial institutions for purposes such as facilitating credit card/Paypal payments

  • Another company, only if the event you book is in collaboration with them.


Protection of personal data

My Organic Spoon will secure and protect your information by:

  • Implementing safeguards to prevent security breaches in our network and database systems

  • Enforcing strict verification processes to prevent unauthorised access to information


We respect your contact preferences

My Organic Spoon is committed to comply with the Do Not Call (DNC) provisions.
We may contact you via your Singapore telephone number if:
a. You have given us consent, OR
b. You have requested a product or service that requires us to call you


Any questions?
If you have any feedback or enquiries relating to your personal data or how My Organic Spoon may communicate with you, or if you wish to stop receiving our messages, please contact us at the following email address:

For more information about PDPA, please visit the Personal Data Protection Commission’s website at

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